Fourth TPM in Edinburgh

The meeting was held 15-16 September 2022 at CIVIC UK's office in Edinburgh.

The following institutions participated in the 4th Meeting of the project "Readjusting to Life", hosted by CIVIC Computing Limited.

- İstanbul University-TR

- Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville (COCEMFE Seville)-SP

- Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi (SEADDER)-TR

- Süleymanpaşa Engelsiz Yaşam Derneği (SEYD) -TR


During the meeting the following were discussed:

- IO1/A5: Discussion of the pilot activities and the feedback we received back

- Final Stage of the Guide

- IO1/A5: Multiplier Events in Turkey, Greece, Spain and UK

-When will the MEs take place?

-Required documents

-Number of participants

- Communication Strategy

- Next TPM dates and arrangements

- Financial Reporting

- Timesheets

- Risk Management and Evaluation

The next meeting will be held in Ankara on 17th and 18th November!