Istanbul University

Founded in 1453, Istanbul University is the longest-standing public academic institution in Turkey and has over 70.000 students and 4000 Academic Staff as of today. According to the ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) in 2020, Istanbul University ranked among the first 500 universities. It has ongoing protocols with over 50 institutions worldwide spanning from the USA to Europe and Asia along with various international projects. Besides, located in various Campuses in and around the city, Istanbul University is home to 15 Faculties, 2 Vocational Schools, 2 Colleges and 12 Graduate Institutes and various research units including a Center for Disability Research and Practice. The Disability Research and Practice Center aims to utilize an interdisciplinary approach that prioritizes the identification, promotion, protection, and implementation of the rights of the disabled both in Turkey and abroad. For more information please visit our website.